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About Us

Conversations surrounding empowerment and generating collective impact that uplifts individuals have always been important to us.

This inspired us to start a small circle with our friends and community to create a safe space for discussing barriers, current issues and to share our personal stories with one another. In addition to having these more intimate conversations, we also want to increase the reach and impact of this initiative and this has prompted us to start a speaker series, whereby an empowering leader from a diverse range of backgrounds, including medicine, health tech, politics, etc. will come speak on a monthly basis to the group.

Our Vision

We are motivated by empowering and connecting individuals from all walks of life, and amplifying the voices of womxn and minorities.  


Pallavi Dutta


Pallavi is a strong believer in the power of lifting one another up.

Pallavi is the Initiator of Project Empower Circle! She has always been passionate about empowerment and hopes to create a platform that facilitates conversations in this domain through speakers, mentorship and an outlet for creative expression. She is a curious individual who loves to try new things and is always open to connecting with and making new friends! Pallavi's favourite dessert is ice cream and she is currently binge listening to the ‘How I Built This’ podcast by Guy Raz!


Nikoo Aghaei


Nikoo is a believer in the transformative power of mentorship.

Nikoo is the Co-Initiator of Project Empower Circle, and a graduate student who truly understood the power of women's leadership and mentorship in her research career. She is passionate about empowering other people to reach their potential, and facilitating connections that foster understanding and progress. Her favourite dessert is cheesecake, and she is currently watching "The Good Doctor"!

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