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  • Emotional Wealth: the key to living your best life (even in a pandemic)
    Sat., Mar. 27
    Emotional Wealth refers to the abundance and successful management of mental, relational and purpose-relevant resources. It is foundational to achieving all other forms of wealth in a sustainable way.
  • Diversity in Technology Panel Event
    Thu., Feb. 25
    The tech industry has often been criticized for a lack of diversity in hiring and product development. In this panel event, we will discuss this gap in diversity, the power of inclusion, and the inspiring journeys of our panelists into the tech industry.
  • Breaking the Glass & Bamboo Ceiling with Cissy Ma
    Thu., Feb. 04
    Cissy is passionate about supporting women to break the Glass and Bamboo Ceilings and co-founded the APAC Women’s Mentoring Circle (with 800+ members from 17 countries).
  • Elevate 2021
    Sun., Jan. 17
    This year had a lot of ups and downs. It's time to look back at lessons we learned in 2020, and look forward to elevating ourselves and our communities in 2021. Join us on Sunday, January 17th at 5PM EST in an event filled with stories, insight, and networking with other leaders and change-makers.
  • The Art of Holding Space with Heather Plett
    Wed., Nov. 25
    "Holding space is the practice of compassionately witnessing, accepting, and supporting someone without judgement, while retaining your boundaries and sense of self." Heather Plett has done revolutionary work around holding space in all aspects of our relationship with ourselves and others.
  • WORKSHOP: Building Your Public Narrative with Tanvi Girotra
    Mon., Oct. 26
    Public Narrative is a leadership course developed and taught at the Harvard Kennedy School by Dr. Marshall Ganz and is being adapted for this audience by Tanvi Girotra, a trainer and coach working closely with Dr. Ganz.
  • A Conversation with Rayne Fisher-Quann
    Thu., Oct. 15
    Instagram Live
    Rayne Fisher-Quann is an activist, writer, and public speaker. She's an advocate for sex education, climate justice, labour and worker rights, and youth involvement in politics.
  • Panel Discussion: Amplifying the Voices of Womxn and Minority Groups in the Workplace
    Thu., Sep. 24
    Join us in this panel discussion hosted by Project Empower Circle around “Amplifying the Voices of Womxn and Minority Groups in the Workplace” with Riana Singh, Deena Baikowitz, Hajer Nakua & Vicky auf der Mauer.
  • Transforming Your Passion into Your Profession with Lianna Genovese
    Thu., Aug. 20
    Lianna transformed her first-year project at McMaster into the successful Startup company called ImaginAble Solutions. She will share her experience as a woman in biomedical and mechanical engineering, and a young female entrepreneur.
  • Leadership, Women & Power
    Thu., Jul. 16
    Dr. Osler is a head and neck surgeon and the immediate past president of the Canadian Medical Association. Dr. Osler will speak about 'Leadership, Women & Power', and a Q&A period will follow afterwards.
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