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Empower Within: Razan Samara

Empower Within:

Razan Samara 


"After a lifetime's worth of prostration, the pressure of my grandfather's body worn down his vibrant green prayer mat to grey. As frayed as it was, he relied on it unapologetically. Growing up on foreign land and away from my roots, it took me years of contemplative silences in the Islamic prayer dress to feel as unapologetic as my grandfather. To me, empowerment is challenging the status quo.

Learn more about Razan and her work here and here.

Razan Samara is a Palestinian storyteller living on Turtle Island (near Tkaronto/Toronto). Her work is grounded in elevating diverse community voices and experiences. Her writing has appeared in the Silhouette and Canadian Art Magazine, and she was recognized as Best Journalist at the 2018 Hamilton Independent Media Awards.

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