Amplify: Shreya Dasgupta

Amplify: Shreya Dasgupta


"Art has always been a coping mechanism for me. Striving through mental health issues and lack of body positivity I started doodling gradually and then came to know about mandalas which are a symbol of peace and strength. Nothing has ever relaxed me more than art and even though I come from a distinctly different background of biomedical science, I have always found myself coming back to art. Since the beginning of 2020 I focused on developing a holistic approach for myself and that happened through art, I was even able to find my artistic voice and then I realized that if I have something to offer, might as well bring something valuable to the table. Therefore I started highlighting socio-cultural issues with my illustrations by creating visual narratives. Patriarchy, body shaming, mental health stigma, moral policing, cultural appropriation and fascism is what I emphasize on through my graphics because it's 2020 these are the viruses that society really needs to get rid off."

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