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Empower Within: Jaizelle Ortiz

Empower Within:

Jaizelle Ortiz 


"Empowerment to me is the beauty of where your blood and skin comes from. For these looks I decided to touch upon my own culture that helped me represent how it is to be a women of colour in the makeup industry. Though I definitely see myself as a smaller page, I still feel the need to show and to represent that it's amazing and beautiful to embrace your own culture and the skin that you're in. Growing up, I was sort of embarrassed and shy when it came to my background. Because I was darker than most of my friends or just more tan and that because of my skin color, that automatically made me "less beautiful". Which I was definitely wrong about. Eventually, as I got older, I started to be more open minded. I started to see so many strong women in my family and in my life, which made me feel even more empowered.

Learn more about Jaizelle and her work here and here.

Jaizelle Ortiz is a full-time student in the Medical Esthetics program. She has been doing makeup for about 4-5 years now experimenting and going through different phases of makeup. She decided to start a makeup page roughly around October of 2018 to showcase more of her work. And ever since, she has been trying her best to not only show different variety of makeup looks, but to represent as a Filipina in the makeup community.

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