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Empower Within: Harleen Padwal

Empower Within: Harleen Padwal


"My name is Harleen Padwal (you may know me as hpsnaps) and I am a photographer in the GTA. I believe it is so important for women to speak up and use their voice. As a young girl, I never spoke up when people were unkind to me and I have realized that using your voice has so much power. Over the years, I have become more confident through the help of other women and through my photography, I want to empower others. When I think about empowerment, the words strength, confidence and voice come to my mind. What words come to your mind?" 

Learn more about Harleen and her work here and here.

Harleen is an aspiring healthcare professional and content creator who wants to help and support women through education and awareness. She uses her photography as an outlet to express her voice and encourages other women to be expressive. She takes her creativity and motivation to a new level and likes exploring new things. Her favourite dessert is a classic cheesecake and she loves to spend her days outdoors!

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