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Career Corner: Tips on Finding a Job during the Pandemic

The pandemic has changed the way we approach our careers, especially job hunting and navigating remote interviews. Through Career Corner, we hope to bring some clarity to this new normal in the career space.

The first blogpost in the Career Corner series is by Anastasia Shekhurdina, who works in the field of Human Resources and studying to complete her Certified Human Resources Leader designation!

1. Always Add a Cover Letter

During a pandemic, the job market has a high supply of candidates but a low demand of jobs; therefore, a cover letter is an essential component in making your application stand out. A cover letter allows you to display your writing skills and provide addition information that is not mentioned in your resume. In addition, you can highlight the skills found in the job posting by connecting it to your previous positions.

2. Use Most Recent Filter on Job Boards

By applying to the most recent job postings, you have a better chance of receiving a phone screening or interview because recruiters have only started screening the resumes and yours could stand out since there are less resumes to compare before you. The first come, first served basis does apply to certain company methods, whereas others might wait until the set deadline, review all potential candidates, and then start phone screening/interviews. Therefore, you might not hear back from some companies until months later.

3. Online Resources and Networking

Currently, online activities are rising, and this creates a perfect opportunity to connect through multiple platforms easier. Utilizing this opportunity, I suggest reconnecting with old friends, previous coworkers, and reaching out to Human Resources representatives in the company of your desire. In addition, universities, colleges, and organizations continue to create online job events and helpful videos from interview prep to cover letter tips. Resources can create a big leap in the process.

4. Never Stop Job Searching

If you’re on the hunt for a job, the journey doesn’t stop after 1 day. It can take a month, 3 months, or even 6 months especially during a pandemic; therefore, you must not forget to stay patient. Personally, I searched for a job for 6 months and finally received an offer for a position in my field. I was applying at least once a month and daily for the last couple months. Determination and persistence will provide you the position or career you seek.

5. Continue Communicating After the Initial Screening

Reaching out to the employer after a phone screening or a pre-employment assessment is essential because it displays a genuine interest in the position and company, as well as, a maturity in communicating with the employer. You must also ask the employer during your initial interaction about when they will be notifying you about the next step in the process. Let’s say they will be selecting candidates for interviews in a week, you should contact them at the middle to end of the week.


This post was written by Anastasia Shekhurdina.

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