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Community (a poem)

A Poem by Tyneisha Ternent a.k.a. Ty the Poetess


community to me

is a marvelous noun

something we create ourselves and want to be around

people, places, or things can provide a sense of community

community and support go hand-in-hand for me

not the ones i grew up around

but the ones who helped me grow

community should equal a safe place

whether i am feeling high or low

a place where i can both shed my tears

and announce my accomplishments

a place where i don’t feel judged

and will forever find comfort in

community can be a best friend’s arms

or the lunch room at my workplace

community can be the locals i just met at my favorite coffee shop

or the rec center my youngest brother used to play basketball in

a community can include lifelong members or new friends or online groups

what matters most

is that these people, places, or things i can depend

but, i warn myself

to be careful who i let into my community

as some people, places or things

are harmful and can spread negativity to tear down my immunity

i am open, but be cautious

i am loving, but be smart

and always remember

not everyone has my heart

i am proud of the community i have found

i breathe easily knowing that i have found places to fit in

because i understand that some people never get to enjoy this feeling


@tythepoetess recently released ‘Bearing Fruit’, a collection of poems that are organized by the trimesters of her pregnancy, sharing her journey to motherhood with us.

The book is currently in the Top 5 on Amazon for female poetry. It’s a wonderful read and a great present for your loved ones.

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