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Holding Space: Zeinab Bilal
"My name is Zeinab Bilal. I am an educator pursuing my career. I also have a passion of writing and reading poetry. I enjoy writing and reading poetry because it is a good developmental learning especially within my field as an educator children’s verbal and written skills are for them practicing developmental skills. Poetry helps myself and others as well in rhythm also cognitive understanding of words where they fit and Also trying to apply in a real world. Poetry helps to improve a lot of ideas, last but not least poetry helps understand the significance of words themselves and others ,meaning poetry helps someone determine how they are feeling or what they feel about certain topic. There are many advantages of poetry .. I also came to adapt the interest of helping women so In the future I am planning to go of the women’s studies field. I hope I can work out my dreams and goals." - ZB
You can find more of Zeinab's work here.

Daily Reclaiming:

Zeinab Bilal

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