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Health and Wellness as a form of Empowerment by Shania and Anaar Bhopa

Two sisters Anaar and Shania Bhopa were taught everything they know and love about confidence, wellness, and the love for life by their immigrant mother and Naturopath. 

As empowerment can be understood as the set of terms designed to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination, the Bhopa sisters rely on wellness and health promotion to empower their souls.  

Anaar Bhopa is a Family and ER Physician specializing in Rural Medicine. Shania Bhopa is currently completing her Masters of Science in Global Health while acting as the Executive Director for her non-profit organization The Canadian Courage Project. 


Empowerment to us really has been a journey and it is the energy of wanting to do better and be better always. We feel empowered when we are in control of our health. Having control of how we feel and how we can promote our health not only in the short term but for longevity. As we know, the feeling of helplessness can lead to unsettling emotions. We feel like through nutrition, wellness, fitness and education it has led us to be the confident women we pride ourselves of being today. 

Our love for wellness was sparked in childhood by our lovely mother. As many often assume that you are “just as good” as your situation, well that simply is just not true. We learned that you create opportunity, you create your plan and the way you want it to be led. The one thing in our lives that we feel as humans we are able to control is our health. And that right there is empowering to us. 

With recent research exemplifying the way that your environment actually can affect your health more than your genetics, we know that our habits and our choices are crucial to optimal health. Optimal health is important to us because we feel like a life free from illness and limiting health conditions will allow for a life well-lived. 

Some of the things we do to optimize our health and feel in control include exercising frequently, meal prepping, organizing our days and weeks in a calendar, and setting time away each day for ourselves. All of these factors contribute to optimal health, therefore, promote empowerment from the inside out. Caring about health IS self-care, it is the ability to prioritize that. Our biggest critic is ourselves and understanding the ways we need to have positive self-talk and self-empowerment. Sitting with yourself and creating that healthy relationship from within, will not only foster your health but promote positivity all around you.

Currently, with the state the world is in right now, it is normal to feel “stuck”. It is normal to feel like you can’t make change or progress. That in itself is NOT empowering. So one thing we have tried to spend our time doing to promote a sense of self is volunteering and trying to make a difference. This is where I (Shania) launched my non-profit organization. Helping those who do not have the means to help themselves, and lending my time to progressive movements create a feeling of empowerment from within. 

Empowerment should not be an action, it should be a sense of self that you feel from within. Health and wellness help us with that positive feeling of assurance, and maybe that’s your cup of tea as well. 

We decided to create an Instagram account with all health information reviewed by both a naturopath and physician to help women empower and educate them on the common health misconceptions. We want to inspire and promote confidence within each and every woman out there.

If you’d like to learn more about their secret project they are working on, all information will be promoted on their Instagram @wellbyshaniabhopa.

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